7 Beginner Guitar Chords to Know


Beginner guitar chords information can be found in easy way. When you like to learn how to play guitar, it means you must learn first 7 most basic guitar chords for the beginners. Guitar chords are important things to learn especially for first time. Guitar is one of popular and favorite instruments for some people. If you really want to learn about guitar chords, you can check detail information here.

Em and C Guitar Chord

First of beginner guitar chords that you must learn is basic Em guitar chord or e minor chord. It is one of basic chords that not an easy to play for beginner. This chord is often to use in several times for some different songs too. You can see the images to know how to place your finger and then play Em on your guitar. Next, you need to play C guitar chord or C major chord. It is the second guitar chord that you will often find in some songs too. When you have already known about two basic chords above, you must practice the chords for several times to be expert in playing guitar.
beginner guitar chords

Tricks to Practice

After you know two basic chords to play guitar now, you need to know too how to practice it. What you must do then? First you need to play the notes of chords individually. Please make sure that you practice it for several times of you will ensure that all notes that you play are sounding well. Second, you need to practice switching between some different chords. It is good to not stop until you can play your chord correctly. When you find some problems you need to find solution and start to fix the problems. In order to make you expert guitarist, you should develop your ability in playing guitar. How to develop your ability in playing guitar? What you need to do is finding new challenge for you. You should not only play same songs but it is important for you to try playing new songs to challenge yourself. If you can, you can search videos on how to play guitar and how to become expert guitarist. It is good to watch videos when your favorite guitarists play their guitar. You can learn some other chords too such as chords A, Am, G, D and some other chords. You may feel pain in your finger when you practice it for several times but you don’t need to worry because there is always a pain before gain. Now, it is time for you to understand more about beginner guitar chords.
beginner guitar chords

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